Violin Pegs
"Making, creating and critically engaging with music is emphasised in the 2014 curriculum. Only through active engagement can students develop an understaning of the context of music." TES August 2016.
guitar drum piano lessons surrey hampshire teacher
  • FREE trial workshop

  • SMSC

  • Instrumental lessons taught throughout the school day for a flat rate fee recouped via parental payments.  Income stream opportunity.

  • Whole class specialist music KS1 & KS2 lessons

  • Piano accompaniment for Christmas plays and other events

  • Leading singing assemblies

  • If instruments are unavailable, junk and body music can be taught!

  • INSETs on the basics of music lesson delivery, instrumental technique, classroom management skills, confidence building.

 Primary Music 
guitar drum piano lessons surrey hampshire teacher
 Private Tuition in Drums, Guitar and Piano

You can learn drums in any style and/or follow the Rock School grades. We use the ABRSM grades for Piano and the Trinity grades for Classical Guitar. You can also learn Rhythm Guitar and Ukulele.   Lessons are available from Tony's home in Farnborough, Hants.

guitar drum piano lessons surrey hampshire teacher
 GCSE and A Level Coaching

As an experienced Head of Music of 13 years, Tony has taken scores of students through the components GCSE Music and coached individuals through to AS Level.  He has secured excellent results in terms of A*-C and A*-A percentage and has a 100% pass rate!  See Tony conducting and some ex-students in action in the You Tube Clips to the right!

guitar drum piano lessons surrey hampshire teacher
 College and Further Education

As a Head of Music, Tony is experienced in all aspects of music enrichment from conducting show productions, putting on concerts, running successful international trips, securing excellent results, extra curricular jazz and classical orchestras, choirs and various instrumental music clubs. Tony has also initiated the installation of 17 Cubase Music software terminals whilst working as Head of Department.